By Jack Siciliano

The Dodgers and White Sox played a close one under the lights on Friday. The Dodgers got the action started in the first, scoring on three consecutive singles with two outs by Brendan Bock, Rami Flummerfelt, and Charlie Ihrig. The White Sox answered in the bottom of the second with Axel Osborn, Sam Christmas, and Leo Gannon all walking and scoring. Will Fiorentino had a big hit with two outs to bring in two runs.

The Dodgers got three runs of their own in the top of the third. Sebastian Bell, Kaden Flummerfelt, and JP Hood all picked up RBIs. The White Sox tied the game at four, with Mitchell Collins scoring on a hit by Osborn. The Dodgers regained the lead in the top of the fourth, with Louis Garciano walking and scoring on hits by Nitin Muniappan and Parker Tammaro. The White Sox tied the game once again in the bottom of the fifth on some clutch two out hitting by Osborn and Christmas.

Ben Ragosa threw a complete game for the White Sox, pitching very efficiently all night. The White Sox came up with a chance to win it in the bottom of the sixth, but Brendan Bock shut the door.