By Eric Xu

This was a very close game between these two teams. The first inning started with an early Red Sox lead with Sean Boyd and Jack Silberhorn getting home by Sam Pandolfo. Sam Pandolfo was also able to get home, a total of three runs for the Red Sox. Dodgers were also able to get two runs with both Parker Tammaro and Brenden Bock getting home.

The second inning was even with both teams unable to get any runs. The third inning put the Dodgers in the lead. The Red Sox got two runs with Stephen McCabe and Jack Allen getting home. The Dodgers got four runs, with Nitin Muniappan and Brendan Bock reaching home after Rami Flummerfelt got a double. Rami Flummerfelt also gets home by Darin Shaw. Darin Shaw also steals home after a misthrown throw by the Red Sox. The fourth inning also ended with no points on each team. The 5th Inning was an even inning as well.

For the Red Sox, Sean Boyd got home by Stephen McCabe. Brenden Bock of the Dodgers stole home after another misthrow by the Red Sox. The 6th inning started with the Red Sox tying the score after Chris Sprague got a triple after an amazing hit and he was able to steal home after a misthrow by the Dodgers. The Dodgers ended the Game after Rami Flummerfelt hit a deep ball getting three teammates and himself home, ending the game 11 – 7 Dodgers to Red Sox.