by Eric Xu

The Cardinals suffered a heavy loss this Friday. In the first inning, the Diamondbacks started with a strong lead of five runs. The Cardinals started with an amazing hit by Eli Krogmeler that resulted in a double, but unfortunately, did not result in a run.

On the Diamondbacks, Max Phillips was able to hit a triple. Cole Cassidy and Justin Guidara got home. At the end of the inning, Ilyas Chakir hit a double, getting both Liam Stendardo and Jack Collins home. The second inning wasn’t much different as the Cardinals scored only one run by Aedan Provo. The Diamondbacks fought back getting seven runs. Stendardo hit a double, getting Guidara and Mark Haley home. Stendardo made it home.  Max Phillips, Cassidy, Chakir, and George Boksanski also got runs.

In the third inning, the Diamondbacks continued the lead with three more runs from Cassidy, Jack Collins, and Chakir. The Cardinals were able to get only one run from Sean Tappan. The fourth inning brought another run for the Cardinals when Max Richardson was able to get home. The fifth inning was more even since both teams got a run with Tappan getting a run for the Cardinals and Chakir for the Diamondbacks. The Cardinals were unable to get any more runs ending the game 16 – 6, Diamondbacks over Cardinals.