Dodgers Outlast Late Rally to Beat Cardinals

by Seamus Andrews

The Dodgers faced off against the Cardinals on Thursday afternoon. The game was competitive and greatly entertaining with the Dodgers squeezing by 7 to 6.

The game was filled with speedy players like Aeden Provo, who racked up a whomping 6 stolen bases. The bottom of the 6th inning provided all the drama you would hope for with the Cardinals looking for a last-minute rally. It started off with 4 singles by Will Ferrari, Eli Krogmeler, Max Richardson, and Aeden Provo. With the bases loaded, Aeden drove in a run and it looked as though the Cardinals would win the game with a walk-off. The Dodgers did not give up and it was the pitching change that put Parker Tammaro on the mound that gave them a fight. He took care of business with the bases loaded and got the Dodgers the win.

Standout preferences also included Nitin Muniappan who went 2 for 2 with a two RBI triple. Overall, it was a great day for baseball that brought us an exciting finish.