By Eric Xu

This game was a crushing defeat for the Padres. The first inning the Padres struck out with no runs. The White Sox had better luck as they were able to score two runs. Noah Seitz hit a deep ball getting a double and getting Mitchell Collins home. The second inning was closer and neither team scored any points due to great fielding and pitching. The third inning the White Sox scored three more runs. This included Mitchell Collins getting a triple, bringing home Axle Osborn, Leo Gannon, and Noah Seitz. The Padres did not have such luck.

In the fourth inning, the White Sox brought in another run. The next inning the Padres retaliated, with a triple from Michael McCarthy and a double from Max Murray. After the two great hits the Padres scored their first two runs. Tyler Bernstein caught a pop fly getting another White Sox player out. The last inning of the game was tied as and none of the teams were able to get anymore runs. The final Score ends up being 7-2, White Sox over Padres.

Noah Seitz triples to score Mitchell Collins for the White Sox.