At Nutile last night, the Orioles jumped out to an early 5 run lead on the Cardinals thanks to some offensive fire power from Brady Cedrone and River Maclin. Brendan Carson started on the hill for the O’s and went 5 1/3 solid innings. William Beach, Teddy Angel and Eli Krogmeier led a spirited Cardinals comeback to narrow the gap to two runs late in the game. The Orioles brought in closer Gibson Ketterer for the final two outs to secure a 7-5 victory. On the mound, the Cardinals turned to Joe Kobicki and then young William Ferrari.

On Field A, The Diamondbacks and Dodgers played an evenly matched game that went back and forth. The D’Backs started the scoring with 2 in the first, which the Dodgers matched in the second on a 2RBI double by Sebastian Bell. The D’Backs jumped back into the lead with 2 more in the 3rd with hits by Brett Daniels and George Boksanski. However, a hit by Charlie Ihrig and sloppy fielding helped the Dodgers tie it again in the fourth. Justin Guidara and Boksanski pitched well to keep the game close and in came Daniels the closer for the 6th. A nice hit by Shaw turned into a run on poor throwing/fielding by the D’Backs and went into their last at bats down by 1. The Dodgers countered by bringing in the hard throwing Brendan Bock to close out the win. However, a sharp double by Daniels and single by Boks gave the home team 2 men on with no outs. Guidara knocked in Daniels with a single but the next runner was called out on a close play at the plate which halted the momentum, and lead to a rare tie. The Dodgers got strong pitching from Nitin Muniappan, Rami Flummerfelt and Bock.