On Monday at Nutile A, the undefeated Dodgers faced off against the pre-season poll darling Red Sox. Jeremey Bock (Dodgers) and Jack Allen (Red Sox) were the starters and the red hot Dodgers jumped out to a big lead early.  The Red Sox began chipping away, however, on the many Dodgers pitchers who entered the contest (Parker Tammaro, Louis Garciano, Nitin Muniappan and Darren Shaw) until they had narrowed the gap to 12-7 and were rallying in the 6th.  The Dodgers called on 11 year old Kaden Flummerfelt to throw 3 pitches for the save, however, and the Dodgers remained undefeated at 5-0 with a 12-7 victory.

Over on Nutile C, the 1-3 A’s faced off against the power rankings #1 team after week 1, the Padres.  The Pads had 12 year olds Luke Sardone and Carter Myer ready to pitch in what would appear to have been a comfortable situation for them.  But, that’s why they play the games.  The A’s jumped out early and rode the hot pitching hand of Jack Charchaflian before they turned it over to Grady Doherty and Ben DeChristoforo.  The game’s offensive star was 11 year old Damon Romanos for the A’s as they marched to a 9-4 victory.