By Zachary Yoon-Kim

The game was very tight for the first three innings. In the first inning, leadoff hitter from the White Sox, Adam Fiorentino scored but the Cardinals were unable to respond. In the top of the second inning, a double play was forced by the Cardinals when the base runner going to second blocked the throw to first. Immediately after that, Ryan Martin tripled, but no one was able to send him home.

The Cardinals tied the game in the bottom of the second inning when Charlie Angell scored. In the third inning, Cardinals shortstop Charlie Angell made an amazing catch, running back into left field to snag the ball. In the bottom of the third, the Cardinals took the lead when Teddy Angell stole home off an overthrow to the pitcher. With half of the game over, the score was 2-1 in favor of the Cardinals.

The game took off for the White Sox from there. In the fourth inning, four White Sox players, Noah Seitz, Mitchell Collins, Nolan Gannon, and Leo Gannon all scored. The inning was highlighted by a triple by Mitchell Collins. After three straight outs for the Cardinals, the White Sox were back up to bat to produce the biggest inning of the game, scoring 8 runs.

With the lead up to eleven, the game looked like it was finished, going into the sixth inning but the White Sox kept the pedal to the metal, and scored another seven runs to bring the score to 20-2. Since the Cardinals were the home team, they had the chance to attempt a miraculous comeback and managed to score three runs before the White Sox closed out the game, winning 20-5.

Joe Kubicki at bat for the Cardinals