By Jason Feng

On Friday (9/11), the Orioles edged out the Marlins 6-4 in a competitive game. In the first inning the Orioles got off on the right foot with strong starting pitching by Noah Harley and the great plays in the field to deny the Marlins any runs. The Orioles gained an early 2 run lead when Harley hit an RBI triple for Allister Dattoli to score and was then was driven in by Jack Johnson’s RBI single.

In the second inning the Marlins weren’t able to score thanks to the Orioles excellent defense. The Orioles added another 3 runs onto their lead as Noah Harley hit a 2 RBI triple that brought in Allister Dattoli and Gerard Dooley.

In the fourth, the Marlins made a big dent in the Orioles’ lead when Freddy Meyer hit an RBI double to allow Leo Lamont to score. Luke Sardone followed suit with an RBI single that knocked in Meyer and Luke Sardone and eventually scored by boldly stealing home to cut the lead to 1 run.

The Orioles gave themselves more of a cushion in the bottom half of the inning, as Gerad Dooley scored off of a groundout by Noah Harley. With a previous big inning, the Marlins tried to further erase the lead but weren’t able to get by the Orioles’ infield. Peter Alexopoulos managed to score the Orioles’ sixth run thanks to a single from Aidan Provo.

In the sixth inning the Marlins looked to make a final attempt at a comeback but a big double play by the Orioles infield secured the 6-4 win.