By Jason Feng

On Thursday (9/3), the White Sox beat the Athletics 8-2 in a commanding fashion. Even with early outs the Athletics were able to score a run when Ronan O’ Connell hit an RBI single to score Damon Romanos. Before more damage could be done though, Adam Fiorentino got a strikeout to finish the inning. The White Sox responded right back as they got a run of their own from Adam Fiorentino.

The second inning was mostly characterized by defense as no teams scored runs thanks to great pitching from Adam Fiorentino for the White Sox and excellent plays in the field from Owen Penicaud, Ronan O’Connell, and Damon Romanos for the Athletics. The Athletics were again denied runs as the White Sox had excellent all around fielding in the third inning. The White Sox had a huge scoring explosion as Axel Osborn and Ben Ragosa were both able to steal home. Then, 2 runs were driven in by Harrison Burbine’s triple who scored himself, and finally Julian Ragosa got on base and scored off of a double hit by Noah Seitz.

The White Sox defense showed their resilience as they made good defensive plays to shut out the Athletics once again in the fourth and added another run in the bottom of that inning. In the fifth inning the Athletics didn’t score any runs as Ben Ragosa came in as relief combining with his strikeout and strong fielding the White Sox still didn’t let up a run. The Athletics did the same with great all around defense including a nice catch from William “Buggy” Lyon. In the sixth inning the Athletics tried to mount a desperate comeback as Nick Penicaud scored a run off of Josh McCollough’s double but a great catch from Nolan Gannon and a double play from Ben Ragosa sealed the victory for the White Sox.