By Jason Feng

The Dodgers defeated the Orioles 15-5 on Monday, highlighted by excellent hitting and a home run shot by Dodgers slugger, Rocco Bottari.

The Dodgers got out of the gate quickly with Nitin Muniappan leading off with a single, followed by a double by Kaden Flummerfelt, and a single from Krish Muniappan. Despite, strong fielding by Ben Adams, Dodgers Brady Ihrig, Brendan Bock, and Charlie Ihrig all got on base and helped the Dodgers score an early five run lead. The Orioles answered with Noah Harley getting on base, then Spence Thompson and Jack Johnson each hitting singles but the Dodger’s ace Krish Muniappan helped limit the Orioles to only two runs with three strikeouts.

In the second inning, the Dodgers extended their three-run lead as Carson Infantino and Rami Flummerfelt had two early base hits, leading to two runs.  The Orioles rallied back with Tyler Malcolm getting on base, Gibson Ketterer hitting a single with a full count, and Gerad Dooley also getting on base. This loaded up the bases for Noah Harley who hit a double that drove in two runs. The Dodgers managed to get out of the inning with a clutch catch from their infield.

Heading into the third inning, the Orioles tried to stop the potent offense as they had excellent plays from their outfield to warrant themselves two outs. However, the Dodgers wouldn’t go down and a single from Charlie Ihrig, a triple by Rocco Bottari hit, and a double from Nick Rotondi brought in a pair of runs for the Dodgers.  From there, the Dodgers’ attack continued and proved to be too much for the Orioles, despite some great defensive plays made.