By Jason Feng

The Cardinals on Tuesday (9/1/20) overcame the Athletics in a high scoring slugfest. The Cardinals drew first blood when Luc Tarabelsi hit a single to drive in Adam Krogmeier and scored on an RBI hit by his younger brother Dom.  Athletics ace Owen Penicaud pitched well and got good support from his fielders, including his brother Nick Penicaud who made a number of fine plays.  The Athletics answered with a run scored despite the Cardinals’ excellent defense.

The Cardinals had a scoring explosion in the second inning as Eli Krogmeier, Alex Turlene, Teddy Angell, Louis Garciano, and Adam Krogomeir all got on base and scored runs. The Cardinals found themselves with a six run lead and did a good job of stopping the Athletics offense from getting started as Charlie Angell threw a strikeout, their infield showed great security, and reliever Kai Napadow came in to end the inning.

The Cardinals looked to further their lead, but the Athletics defense shut them down headlined by Justin Muse and Owen Penicaud’s excellent plays in the field. The Athletics valiantly trying to get back in the game found themselves bases loaded with two outs, as Damon Romanos hit a 2-RBI single to shorten the lead to four runs.

As the Athletics came within striking distance in the fourth inning, the Cardinals extended their lead as Charlie Angell slammed a 3-run homerun. The Athletics showed their grit in spite of being down by many runs, as William Lyon and Josh McCollough both scored on hits by Henry Wallace and Justin Muse.

Heading into the fifth inning the Cardinals kept up their offense with Joe Kubicki, Dom Tarabelsi, Eli Krogmeir, and Alex Turrene all getting on base and scoring, bringing the Cardinals up to sixteen runs. The Athletics, down by eleven runs, showed resilience as Grady Doherty hit an RBI single to bring in Nick Penicaud and William Lyon knocked in Damon Romanos. The Athletics weren’t done yet as Josh McCollough hit a big 2-RBI double, Harrison Dean and Henry Wallace both hit singles and scored, also bringing in Josh McCollough to bring the Athletics’ total to twelve runs.

The A’s had their last ups in the bottom of the sixth inning but reliever Adam Krogomeier got a strikeout and made two good fielding plays to secure the 16-12 win for the Cardinals.